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I/O Coin Blockchain Features 

Public and private aliases serve as a user-friendly replacement for complex cryptographic addresses. A public alias is visible to everyone and can be used to send or receive funds, similar to an email address. In contrast, a private alias enhances privacy by keeping the user's identity concealed, allowing for anonymous transactions and encrypted messaging on the blockchain.


Our optional private send and receive ensures transactional privacy. By utilizing advanced cryptographic techniques, Shadow Send mixes transactions with others, obscuring the origin of funds and allowing users to send and receive IOC without revealing the transaction's path, ensuring enhanced anonymity and security on the blockchain.

Shadow Send

Variable block times in the I/O Coin network adjust based on difficulty, ensuring network stability and security. When difficulty is high, block times can extend to over 60 seconds, but during periods of low difficulty, especially with increased transaction activity, block confirmation can be as swift as 16 seconds. This dynamic adaptation ensures that the more transactions there are, the faster the blocks confirm, optimizing the user experience.

Block Times 

I/O Coin's messaging system, which utilizes AES-256 encryption, requires a unique handshake tunnel established between aliases to function. This handshake ensures that only the intended recipient can decrypt and read the message, adding an extra layer of security. By integrating this handshake mechanism with the robust AES-256 encryption, I/O Coin guarantees both the privacy and integrity of user communications within the network.

Encrypted Messages

I/O Coin's encrypted data storage feature allows users to securely store up to 1MB of data on the blockchain, attached to a private alias. Before storage, the data undergoes compression to optimize space. This ensures efficient use of the blockchain's capacity while maintaining the integrity and privacy of the user's data. The combination of encryption, compression, and association with a private alias offers a unique and secure decentralized data storage method.

Encrypted Data Storage

I/O Coin's innovative system allows users to create a private alias to securely store documents or data. Initially, all aliases are private, but users have the option to change their state to public. When in a public state, a user can send a document to another public alias holder. However, the document remains attached to the sender's private alias, ensuring confidentiality. This dual-alias structure – one private for storage and one public for transactions – offers a unique blend of privacy and accessibility in the decentralized world.

Encrypted Data Transfer


Uncovering the Potential of I/O Coin

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