4MB Blocks

iOC block size allows for up to four times the capacity of Bitcoin blocks. It is also capable of carrying 1MB of AES 256 Encrypted Data storage  per block.

Proof of Stake Cipher

POS Cipher has had 100% uptime along with an unparalleled security since 2014. Cipher is a state-of-the-art consensus ensuring fairness for all stakers.


Our unique DNS system allows for the creation of private and public aliases enabling sending and receiving of iOC but also to upload, attach, and transfer files. DIONS stands for Decentralized Input/Output Name Server.

16 Second Block Confirmation

Under normal transaction load, blocks confirm at 60-second intervals. As transactions pick up, blocks can confirm as quickly as 16 seconds.

Staking Rewards

The blockchain gives stakers a constant 1.5 iOC reward for every confirmed block. This is based on weight, time, and proximity to TX node. 

AES 256 Encrypted Messaging

The iOC blockchain enables users to build apps and natively message any enabled alias in iOC by creating encrypted tunnels for private messaging.

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