The IOC development team is currently in steadfast  development, upgrading it's open source blockchain protocol

to  host a fully private  cryptocurrency. Enabling  confidential, decentralized peer to peer digital payments.

 IOC currently fuels Dapps (decentralized applications) that take advantage of a full array of features, 

from encrypted document  storage, encrypted transfer,  identity storage  to a fully encrypted messaging system. 

Private Send & Receive

Shade Addresses

* Coming Soon, Ring Signatures *

Identity Storage

Private, Public Alias and Identity registration, transfer of ownership

Legal Documents

Upload & Transfer Wills, Trusts, Intellectual Property, Deeds, Bill of Sale

Encrypted Messaging

AES 256 Encrypted Decentralized Messaging Platform

Privacy Based Blockchain  Ecosystem fueled  by IOC

4MB Blocks 

2MB Data per 60 Second Blocks  IOC Tx capacity up to 4MB 


All via customized API, with Minimum TX Fee of .01 IOC

POS CiPher

Private, Channel & Atomic Keys, BIP65, Removed Coinage


Stake 10k IOC  &  Expect around   1.5 IOC a day in staking + tx fees 




Genesis Block 2014

Fair launch

In looking at both protocols for the I/O Coin cryptocurrency Blockchain, and refusing to ICO to facilitate adoption, the development team opted for a Fair Launch. To ensure fair distribution, I/O Coin was launched via X11 POW mining and after 14 days, the blockchain was successfully transitioned to its unique POS I/O. A volume controlled blockchain, enjoying almost instant transfers, 60 second block times and under 30 second confirmations. After 3 years of hard testing and 100% uptime, the development team was ready to tests its boundaries and  pushed for a major upgrade. 


Considering the risk of data bloating, security breaches and the lack of user friendly features, the development team knew that it would only be a matter of time before a single Blockchain would be a thing of the past. The team deployed a roadmap with aggressive goals and quickly proposed an upgrade to the main I/O Coin Blockchain,  codenamed DIONS. The upgrade focus  was to serve as an entry point registrar to the team's proposed ecosystem. To make this all possible the core platform  algorithm was upgraded  to a new POS algorithm codenamed "CiPher". This, along with staking and security enhancements to its core platform, advances on encrypted data, messaging and aliases to the blockchain. With all of these features being deployed alongside our decentralized GPG-like system, DIONS will prove to be successful in   combining these three major components for a true user friendly and advanced blockchain platform. Users who help secure the I/O Coin Blockchain will earn IOC at a rate of 2% for Staking, transaction and registration Rewards.


Slated to follow our launch of DIONS & POS CiPher, we will introduce project Chameleon. Our Chameleon chain and ecosystem will provide the possibility for companies to spin up their own Blockchain, while enjoying the advanced features of our main I/O Coin Blockchain. Chameleon will provide a portal to all features built in the I/O Coin Blockchain ecosystem, enabling all features in the network while also maintaining privacy and full control of said private blockchains. It will also act as an auxiliary Blockchain to  IOC. It will serve as a sidechain not only to IOC, but also to Bitcoin. For companies looking to advance into the blockchain space, Chameleon will also enable the flexibility of launching a chain without having a dedicated development team, thus making it easier to manage  and control features. Even in the event of an update from our main chains, this will not affect any of the private Blockchains. These will be updated and your business can run as usual. Companies using their own Private Blockchain will be the       custodians of their data in their own Blockchain, making it easier to manage and control.


   We are creating numerous opportunities for developers to develop new products, business applications and much more using the     IOC blockchain platform. This means 3rd party developers could build user friendly Dapps for the public .  Any developer could    easily use our Dions API V.2 and connect their application  using IOC to confirm the transactions.  From messaging to data storage   are all the possibilities that are available to developers including but not limited AES256 encrypted identity storage and data transfer.                           

The Ecosystem

We all want Blockchain technology to find its way to the general public and with our controlled ecosystem, we are able to pursue that. I/O Digital has been focusing exclusively on blockchain technology throughout the first 24 months of its existence. We are collaborating with an external company to provide a usable and sustainable end-to-end Blockchain ecosystem that enables consumers to easily access Blockchain technology. This end-to-end solution is called "Project sunrise". Technologies working seamlessly together, making it the world's first easy entry to the Blockchain.   When we put all of these ground breaking technologies together (I/O Coin Blockchain, Chameleon Framework, Project Sunrise) and make use of our supporting applications, such as the HTML5 wallet and features of the I/O Coin Blockchain, we will have a fully operating Blockchain Ecosystem around the main I/O Coin  Blockchain that can effectively serve businesses that want to create their own private blockchains and applications (decentralized apps - DAPPS). These applications will be available and easily accessible to the general public.


If you want to buy I/O Coins;


I/O Coin is a fully decentralized open source public blockchain. 

Since the rise of the Bitcoin network in 2009, countless developers have embarked in the creation of copycat cryptocurrencies. Many of these had no single purpose of existence, while a few others attempted to improve on the path that Satoshi had proposed within his bitcoin whitepaper. Proposals to improve on this technology have since emerged. Looking to improve Bitcoin with a more energy efficient cryptocurrency, Scott Nadal and Sunny King released a whitepaper for a proof of stake blockchain currency named Peercoin. Inspired by Sunny King,  After years of POS proof of concept testing and blockchain penetration testing, the I/O Digital dev team lead by it's founder Joel Bosh, devised a unique approach to POS and the first I/O Coin Genesis block was mined on July 23, 2014. 



Wallet Download

Here you may look over our wallet installation guide before downloading the new wallet. 

After download you may join our support channel in telegram to aid users on installation of the new wallet. 

Mandatory Wallet update to Sirius Protocol 60022 on  1:07 PM EST June 13, 2018

Protocol 60020, 19,18,17,16 are obsolete do not move or send coins out of those wallets

YouTube Wallet Tutorials

Windows 10

Linux Debian


OSX Mojave






IOC is the Portal to our Blockchain Ecosystem. The I/O Coin developers have been hard at work since 2014.

We had a vision to interconnect blockchains and quickly started developing a framework,

code named "Chameleon", to introduce blockchain interoperability.


Please click below to read the   I/O Coin whitepaper and to stay updated with our current development progress 

Shade Stealth Addresses
HTML5 Wallet V.2
DIONS Alias identity Storage
Scientific Computations
Encrypted Document Storage & Transfer
Voting & Ballots 
Encrypted Group Messaging
Encrypted Messaging System
The "Chameleon"  Sidechains
Decentralized APPs


In Progress
To Do


 I/O Coin is the swiss    knife of blockchains technology. The team is building a multilayered Ecosystem using the I/O Digital blockchain as a base. The ecosystem will be comprised of public and private interoperable blockchains, to meet the high demand, therefore keeping security and technologically advanced algorithms to facilitate the integration of API for Decentralized based applications.. 

DIONS will serve as the entry and registry portal to the blockchain system. The DIONS enabled blockchain will comprise of; encrypted alias registration, up to 2MB data storage, transfer of ownership, an AES256 encrypted decentralized messaging system, PGP like key exchange, and a fee driven stake reward system, all within a 4MB, 60 second block time, far surpassing Ethereum & Bitcoin’s capabilities. In the near future, by enabling the Chameleon framework IOC, its sister chains will benefit with the ability to offload and scale numerous side chains while enabling the sharing of features at the protocol level between all of the blockchains. Chameleon will enable 100k transactions per second, surpassing Visa’s network capabilities.


The I/O Coin Dev team will be announcing the release of the white paper after completion of DIONS V.2 


Please join our slack channel for more information on I/O Coin.


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IOC Community Video Guides & Keynotes



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