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I/O Coin


AES 256 Encrypted Blockchain Monitoring 

& Conditions Smart Contract

Tracking System

Proof Of Stake

Cypher Consensus mechanism for processing transactions and creating new blocks in a blockchain. A consensus mechanism is a method for validating entries into a distributed database and keeping the database secure. 

DiONS Protocol

AES 256 encrypted decentralized name server, messaging, data storage and a decentralized “GPGTOOLS” like system. Enables identity storage, encrypted data storage capabilities that are transferable between accounts

DVM Solidity Smart Contracts

Enabling Cycle - Create - Call Functions in solidity compile calls within our Dions Virtual Machine. Unique use of our Dions encrypted data payload, capable of processing bytecode

Our Development Story

I/O Coin History


IOCoin (iOC) genesis block was mined on July 24th, 2014. IOC is a Privacy based cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem project. IOC was initially launched via POW X11 (video card resistant) algorithm. The difficult mining period lasted for 2 weeks with an initial 22 Million max retarget cap. This in order to properly and fairly distribute 16M coins before switching over to our own unique flavor of Proof of Stake Cipher to secure our blockchain. 

Staker Supply

There are around 19.7 Million iOC in circulation with a 1.5 IOC staking reward per block in perpetuity. If IOC was to mint a 1.5 reward at 16s per Block, it would take around 30 years to mint an additional 89 Million IOC. New IOC are minted only via POS reward system for Stakers who work on running a staking node and enable their ioc to help confirm transactions.  Stakers also receive transaction fees from on chain services. Their is no governance model. 

Early Acomplishments

In 2015 we were the first ones to move away from the Bitcoin QT wallet and replaced it with a unique "fully decentralized" HTML5/JS based UI wallet. Along with IONS DNS. In 2016 The iOC community and developers formed the I/O Digital foundation to further awareness of the open source public blockchain as it was done for Bitcoin, Litecoin and a few other fair launched projects. In 2017 I/O developers upgraded iOC's blockchain protocol to codename DIONS "Decentralized Input Output Name Server" further enhancing the base platform to host decentralized application. OC is a fully decentralized world wide cryptocurrency maintained by the Non Profit I/O Digital Foundation and the iOC World Wide Community.  IOC is here to give back control to the people. 

Blockchain Specs

The IOC Blockchain enables identity storage, you can store your own personal identification and be in full control of who can view it and who you share it with.  Our avatar creation allows storage for art and pictures. Also deeds, copyrights, trademarks, proof of ownership, data and much more. All of which are fully encrypted, fully controlled by you. Dions Pay, Private and Public identities, Private Dion send Addresses, AES 256 Encrypted 1MB Document/Data (upload, transfer via private users) capabilities, along with AES 256 Encrypted Instant Messaging. The I/O dev team also enabled and increased capacity to 4MB blocks with up to 16 second confirmation times. Along with our very own POS Cipher and shuffle staking features. Ensuring that even low weighted users will always see a reward for their work. 



The IOC Dev team is now focused on enabling Smart Contracts via our very own DVM. Dions Virtual Machine. We are deploying the VM via “Dions payload” for first tests of deploying our Ethereum compatible (ERC20) smart contracts to the iOC Dions testnet. This will involve us also testing the virtual machine Dvm that processes the code for example; cycle — create — call functions. As we progress, with the code work we will start to receive test results. And as we get further along the main smart contract language “ide tools” will be added so that our Dvm will be able to handle solidity compiles within the Dions ecosystem.

This approach will provide us with the same user appearance as the smart contracts in Ethereum but the mechanism under the Dvm hood will be our own unique code work. The dvm will be the launching pad to ensure a future launch of "Chameleon - a scalable entropy based molecular graph ledger, to advanced interoperability of multiple blockchains and deploy our own scalable virtual machine and I/O abstract smart contract Ecosystem". The team will follow Chameleon with DIOEX. Essentially creating a completely private, secure and fully decentralized economic ecosystem. 

For more information you may contact our dev team . Thank You 


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